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Jakarta Field Station > People > Dalan Mehuli

Dalan Mehuli

Position: Research Assistant

Dalan Mehuli (Dalan M. Perangin-angin) was born in Fakfak, West Papua. He earned his bachelor degree from Sanata Dharma University Yogjakarta, Faculty of English Letters, in 2000. In this faculty he began to study basic linguistics. In the beginning of 2001 he joined the Jakarta Linguistics Field Station of Max Planck Institute, Jakarta, working as a research assistant. Here he worked on the child language project. Later on he worked on the Ternate Malay project and Pemalangan.

In 2004 he attended the Master Linguistics Program at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His thesis offers an analysis of the use of suffix –NYA in noun phrases based on a uniform approach. After being graduated from the program in 2006, he came back to the Jakarta Linguistic Field Station. Currently he is working on the mapping project of Javanese dialects, focusing on Pemalangan. He is also working on Betawi, a Malay dialect spoken in Jakarta.

Besides Indonesian, Dalan speaks some other Indonesian languages/dialects namely, Karo Batak, Javanese Pemalang/Brebes and Yogyakarta dialect, and eastern (Papua) Malay dialect. His main interest in linguistics is morphology and syntax. His short-term plan is to pursue a doctoral linguistics program.


Enyong asline wong Batak Karo. Tapi enyong bisa basa Jawa, soale enyong gedene nang Brebes, trus tau tinggal enem taun nang Jogja. Jadi enyong bisa Jawa logat kulon karo wetan. Awit cilik enyong wis seneng bahasa, dadine ora angel nggo enyong sinau logat karo bahasa-bahasa anyar. Lulus SMP enyong pindah nang Medan. Nang kana enyong belajar logat Medan karo basa Batak Karo. Enyong ya bisa sitik-sitik basa Batak Toba karo Simalungun.

Sinau bahasa kuwe nyenengi. Tapine angger mikiri stukture mumeti. Enyong sih takdadegna tantangan. Mugane enyong sinau linguistik sing luwih teoritis. Sing paling takminati nang linguistik kuwe Mofologi karo Sintaks. Pengine, enyong sekolah maning njukut S3 nang linguistik.


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