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Below is a list of all the language transcription data created and collected by the Jakarta Field Station, including its collaborative projects, since its inception in 1999.

Some of it is open and available for download under the following links. Some of it is available on request. And some of it is closed for now, but in due course is expected to become open and available.

Please refer to the 'Last modified' date at the bottom of each individual data page for an idea of how current the data is.

Lexical Data

Jakarta Lexical Database

Grammatical Data (mostly naturalistic corpora): Acquisition

  Sessions Glossed Words
Acquisition of Jakarta Indonesian9972,446,981
Bilingual (Indonesian/Javanese, Indonesian/Italian)241232,543

Grammatical Data (mostly naturalistic corpora): General

  Sessions Glossed Words
Eastern Varieties of Indonesian (Kupang Malay, Ternate Malay, Papua Malay)265633,016
Jakarta Indonesian (including Betawi)46285,791
Jambi (city and surrounding villages)184393,051
Javanese (various dialects)158476,013
Kerinci (various dialects)72244,955
Minangkabau (various dialects)167714,174
North Borneo (Kenyah, Punan)7589,352
Other Sumatra Malayic (Langkat, Tapan, Muko-Muko, Besemah, Sarang Lang, Bangka)64308,185
Other Western Varieties of Indonesian (Bandung, Tanggerang Chinese Malay, Padang)1147,429
Riau (Riau Indonesian, Siak Malay)53,495
West Kalimantan Land Dayak (Onya Darat, Keninjal/Suhaid)102425,624
West Kalimantan Malayic (Balai Berkuak, Sambas, Pontianak Malay)2081,575,296

Last modified: 20 October 2013, Sydney