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The Sixth International Symposium
On The Languages Of Java

18-19 May 2017
Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia


 Thursday 18 May 2017
0830-0850 Registration
0850-0900 Opening
 Dialectal Variation
0900-0930A negative outlook: Towards a typology of grammatical negation in BISINDO, based on six isolects
Nicholas Barrie Palfreyman
University of Central Lancashire
0930-1000The Comparation Between Madiun Javanese and Surakarta Javanese Language
Nuraini Syah
Sebelas Maret University
1000-1030Cross-dialectal variation of Javanese particles in yes-no questions
Jozina Vander Klok, Finaty Ahsanah, Wuri Sayekti
University of British Columbia, Universitas Negeri Surabaya, Universitas Diponegoro
1030-1100 Coffee
 Phonology and Phonetics
1100-1130Two phonological indices of Osing identity
Jonas Wittke
Rice University
1130-1200Analysis of Pitch Movement of Sentences with Topic Markers in Sundanese
Furihata Masashi
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
1200-1300 Lunch
 Javanese varieties
1300-1330Imposter Prounouns in Javanese
Thomas J Conners, Nikki Adams
University of Maryland
1330-1400Corpus Methodology to Discover Meanings: A Case Study of Mbok in Banyumas Javanese
Universitas Dipenegoro
1400-1430Corn Farmer's Terminology in Gampin Village Kendal Regency
Fitri Febriyanti, Siti Sholekah
Universitas Gadjah Mada
1430-1500The Discovery of Vocabulary Relating to Majapahit Cultural Practices, in modern Ponorogo Javanese: A Dialectological Approach
Satwiko Budiono, Dindadari Arum Jati
Universitas Indonesia
1500-1530 Coffee
 Corpus Developments
1530-1600Knowledge Gaps in Contemporary Javanese Comprehensive Description: Towards the Making of Javanese Annotated Corpus
Atin Fitriana, Dwi Puspitorini, Totok Suhardijanto
Universitas Indonesia
1600-1630Developing Rule-based POS Tagger for Javanese: The First Stage
Totok Suhardijanto
Universitas Indonesia
 Keynote Speech
1630-1730Mengenal Bahasa Tutur Semarangan
Hartono Samidjan
 Friday 19 May 2017
 Keynote Speech
0830-0930Neighbourhood talk, imitation, and the management of social life in conditions of superdiversity
Zane Goebel
La Trobe University
0930-1000 Coffee
 Interaction of language Knowledge
1000-1030Multilingual Repertoires behind Monolingual Performances: Language Ideological Erasure in a Krama Javanese Event
Kristian Tamtomo
Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta
1030-1100Causative-Applicative-Transitivizing Markers in Sundanese, Madurese, and Javanese: A Diachronic Perspective
David Gil
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
1100-1130Javanese Language Interference in Indonesian Utterance: The Sociolinguistic Study of Bilingual Children
Rizma Angga
Universitas Indonesia
1130-1300 Lunch
 Language Maintenance and Shift
1300-1330Effects of 'Inner' vs. 'Outer' island on language shift in Indonesia
Abby Cohn, Maya Abtahian, Yanti
Cornell University, Rochester University, Atma Jaya University
1330-1400The Language Attitute of Playgroup and Kindergarten Teachers in Sukoharjo District
Ida Cahyani
Universitas Gadjah Mada
1400-1430Words absorbed from the Dutch language in the novel Doynane Wong Culika by Soeparto Brata
Lilie Suratminto
Indonesia University of Education, University of Iowa
Yashinta Farahsani, Ika Puspita Rini, Patria Handung Jaya
Universitas Muhammidiyah Yogyakarta
1500-1530 Coffee
1530-1630Round Table Discussion: Parts of Speech in ISLOJ Languages
David Gil, Thomas Conners, Totok Suhardijanto

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