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Getting there

The two major air gateways for Padang are Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. For international travelers there is usually a better choice of flights to Kuala Lumpur, however, this is offset by less flexibility when it comes to the connecting flight to Padang.

From Jakarta to Padang, there are numerous daily flights on Garuda, Citilink, LionAir, Batik and Sriwijaya.

From Kuala Lumpur to Padang, there is just one daily flight on AirAsia. Note that AirAsia is a budget airline flying out of the newly-constructed budget terminal KLIA2. What this means is that if you're arriving in Kuala Lumpur on an international flight on any other airline, you'll have to go through Malaysian immigration, pick up your luggage, wait for the relatively infrequent train to take you from KLIA1 to KLIA2, check your luggage in again, and then go through immigration one more time - all relatively straightforward, just rather time consuming, so you should allow for several hours for making the connection. And ditto also for the return trip.

Other places in Indonesia from which you can fly directly to Padang are Bandung (Xpress), Medan (LionAir, Sriwijaya) and Batam (LionAir, Sriwijaya, Citilink). The Batam flights may be useful for travelers coming from Singapore or the Malay peninsula, as there are numerous fast ferries to Batam from Singapore and Johor Bahru (Pasir Gudang). The Medan flights might be worth checking out for people coming from places in Malaysia and further afield, such as Bangkok, which have direct flights to Medan.

Other than flying, Padang can also be reached by land from anywhere in Sumatra, and from Singapore and the Malay Peninsula by a combination of land and ferry, the two major ferry routes being Melaka - Dumai, and Singapore/Johor - Batam - Buton (for Pekanbaru). This used to be the usual shoestring traveler's route to get to Padang, but flights have become so cheap that it is no longer profitable, not to mention that the journey takes the better part of 24 hours.

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