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Jakarta Field Station > Events > Workshop, 8 June 2005

Workshop, 8 June 2005

Workshop on Indonesian Linguistics

Seminar Room U 1.50 (Linguistics/Psychology)
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

8 June 2005

0930-1000 refreshments
1000-1100 I Gede Marsaja, Ketut Kanta & Ulrike Zeshan
Kata Kolok - A Village-Based Sign Language in Bali
1100-1200 Uri Tadmor
On the Origin of Geminates in Patani Malay
1200-1330 lunch
1330-1430 Antonia Soriente
Cross-Linguistic Influence in the Language Development of an Indonesian-Italian Bilingual Child
1430-1530 Peter Cole, Gabriella Hermon & Yassir Tjung
The Status of the Second Passive (P2) in Jakarta Indonesian
1530-1600 refreshments
1600-1700 David Gil
Can You Eat a River in Malay/Indonesian?
Variation Across Isolect, Socio-Economic Status, and Age
1700-1800 Poppy Siahaan
The Eyes for Sight and for Centre:
A Comparative Study on Metaphoric and Metonymic Expressions from the Source Domain Eyes in Indonesian and English

Last modified: 1 June 2005