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Jakarta Field Station > Events > Workshop, 27 May 2003

Workshop, 27 May 2003

The Work of the Linguistic Field Station
A One-Day Workshop for Linguists

Organized by
Pusat Kajian Bahasa dan Budaya, Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta
Dept. of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

Ruang Bincang Ilmiah PKBB,
Gedung Fransiskus Asissi (K2), Lantai 4, Unika Atma Jaya
Tuesday, May 27, 2003

9:00-9:15Bambang Kaswanti Purwo:
Opening Remarks
9:15-9:45Uri Tadmor:
Kinerja Unit Pendataan Linguistik: Selayang Pandang
9:45-10:15David Gil:
The Master.FM Program for Linguistic Data Management
10:15-10:45Coffee Break
10:45-11:15Betty Litamahuputty:
Aspects of Ternate Malay Morphology (Tentative Title)
11:15-11:45Caro Struikje:
Acquisition of the Phonology and Morphology of Jakarta Indonesian (Tentative Title)
11:45-13:00Lunch break
13:00-14:45Field Station Research Assistants:
Projek Penelitian Individual: Selayang Pandang
14:45-15:15David Gil:
Ludlings, and What They Tell Us about the Grammar of Malay/Indonesian
15:15-15:45Uri Tadmor:
The Pronominal System of Kualan, West Borneo
15:45-16:00Soenjono Dardjowidjojo:
Closing Remarks

Those invited to attend please register by emailing your name, affiliation, address, and phone number to <pkbb at> or print and complete the form located here (PDF document) to register by fax or postal mail.

Registration deadline: 23 May 2003.

Attendance is by invitation only and is free.

Last modified: 6 May 2003